Things that get me ranting . . .

Shampoo bottles. And conditioner bottles. Why don’t manufacturers stick to one method of letting you know which is which when you’re in the shower without your reading glasses? Because, I don’t know anybody who needs reading glasses who actually wears them in the shower. What would be the point? They’d get all steamed up. So, there you are, in the shower, naked and helpless as . . . and you reach out for the bottle you need and YOU CAN’T TELL WHICH IS WHICH!


how can you tell?

Some brands have the shampoo bottle sitting on its bottom and the corresponding bottle of conditioner sitting on its top, with the labels stuck on the other way around, if you see what I mean. But they don’t all do it like this. So, if you’re like me and you regularly change brands depending on what’s on special offer down the haircare aisle and because the magazines tell you NOT to use the same brand all the time or you’ll get BUILD-UP whatever that is, and because you regularly use more conditioner than shampoo anyway, you’ll end up with a motley collection of bottles with bits of something inside them. BUT YOU WON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS. Not if you’re in the shower without your reading glasses!


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