Internal CRPS. It can affect internal organs.

Internal organs can be affected by CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). This condition has had so many name changes there’s no wonder many medical professionals have never heard of it. Many sufferers have to wait too long for a diagnosis, wait too long for adequate pain relief, wait too long for answers.

What body parts are affected by CRPS?

It’s well documented that CRPS affects skin, hair, muscle, bone, nerves. Even nails.

inside CRPS nails

image from pain and

I know patients who cannot bear the lightest touch on their affected arm or leg. Their limbs are swollen, the skin reddened, shiny and swollen as if it were about to burst. You can tell they’re in agony just by looking at their affected body parts.

inside CRPS foot

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Some people stay in this ‘heated’ CRPS condition for a long time. Their skin is badly affected and may develop nasty sores.

I’m past that stage now. My arm and shoulder always feel cold. Extreme cold causes me more pain. I need more pain relief in winter than at any other time.

CRPS cold

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What about internal body parts you can’t see?

If nerves and skin, muscles and bone are so obviously affected by this painful condition doesn’t it make sense that internal body parts are also affected?

It’s just common sense to me. But then I’m not a medical expert.

In my last post about CRPS I wrote about gastric problems. When I saw my GP I explained what was happening and how I believed there was a connection with CRPS.

internal gastric organs

digestive system

He wanted to eliminate other possible suspects. I told him about the kind of diet recommended by Dr Hooshmand and how I’d already taken that advice on board. Nevertheless, my GP said, we’d have to go through the elimination process: blood tests, scans etc.

I don’t have celiac disease. I’m not diabetic nor even borderline. One by one all tests came back negative so we eliminated other possible causes for my bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea. Then I had ultrasound.

I have Gallstones

‘Oh,’ I said to the nurse practitioner. ‘You said that in the plural. How many?’

‘Too many to count.’

internal problems

ultrasound image from ultrasound

That isn’t me in the image above but you get the picture. Because I don’t have the kind of pain normally associated with gallstones there’s no treatment necessary. Apparently. Yet.

‘There are probably tens of thousands of people walking about with gallstones just like yours who know nothing about it,’ said the nurse practitioner.

That’s all right, then. So what’s causing the vomiting? And the other?

CRPS affects internal organs

It’s official. People with qualifications say so. Here is a link to how I knew that before I went to see my GP.

I don’t blame him. He can’t know everything. Plus, he’s bound by procedures. But, no treatment at all?

I guess that means I just have to put up with it.

In the meantime I stay away from fatty things and don’t eat too much sweet stuff. I try to be sensible but when the CRPS pain flares up I know it won’t be long before I dare not wander too far from the bathroom.

The good news is: red wine is NOT on the list of things to avoid completely.

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