Hello, Stranger. How’s your CRPS?

It’s been a while. I haven’t written a new post since May. If you’ve read previous posts on the pain of CRPS you’ll know how it sometimes affects my creativity.

Chronic pain knocks the stuffing out

It’s like there’s no energy left for anything other than crawling back into bed. With an extra pillow to support the throbbing arm. With a hot water bottle to ease the painful shoulder. With a heated lavender pack under your neck. Sexy, huh?

In the early days my hand was swollen. If you Google images for a CRPS hand guess whose comes up?

CRPS hand

yes, folks, that’s me

I found I could use the keyboard with one hand but sitting at the desk in constant pain didn’t get my head in the right place for writing, especially the kind of fiction beloved by women’s magazines. Besides, my head was in a fog most of the time due to side effects of various medications. But I could edit. So, little by little I managed to get my first two novels out.

Oh, that seems so long ago.

CRPS beginning

CRPS beginning

Where my CRPS is now

The swelling has gone now. Thanks to early intervention my claw of a hand is more user-friendly. (You cannot peel a potato with one hand, not to mention putting  on a bra!)

Now I can do most tasks beyond my capabilities at the outset. And I’m grateful for that. I still drop things and take twice as long as other people at the supermarket cash desk but if I have a word with the cashier beforehand they’ll go more steadily for me. Top marks to Tesco on this one – always happy to help.


top marks for Tesco

But it seems my CRPS has spread to other places in my body. It’s gastro-intestinal stuff now, people. Look away now if the subject is too distasteful.

I have cyclical vomiting and diarrhoea. And it’s becoming more frequent. I’ve tried to ascertain which foods might be culprits and I know now to avoid heavily fatty meals but, still, some days the cycle begins without any reason, it seems to me.

I have an appointment to see my doctor next month which, by coincidence is CRPS awareness month.


CRPS awareness

My doctor knows how I feel about taking medication. I control the amount I take. Rigorously control. However, as I realise I’m a candidate for osteoporosis due to the CRPS I’m going to ask for a Vitamin D check. If I can avoid further damage to my bones by taking a vitamin supplement, I will swill it down gladly.

In the meantime, cyclical vomiting permitting, I continue with my writing endeavours.

The Sandman and Mrs Carter is under review with a publisher. I’m also revisiting Queer as Folk, my second collection of short stories.

And I’m getting my orange outfit ready for CRPS Awareness Day.


CRPS awareness

2 thoughts on “ Hello, Stranger. How’s your CRPS?”

  1. Hiya Celiac
    Cant ever presume to know how CRPS feels or imagine how it feels. But a hefty dose of Peripheral Neuropathy brought about by trucks travelling at excessive speeds in restricted areas isn’t much fun either. It takes a lot of self will to keep going sometimes especially if I get hot. Constant pain that feels like being upto ones knees in paint stripper kinda puts a dampener on ones sence of humour occassionally. But neuropathic pain isn’t easily treated so popping pills is a twice daily occurrence with occasional fertling sessions in my Opiate originated pill department.
    There is one easy way I’ve found for some temporary relief……and it essentially centres entirely on pleasing oneself. For me it’s quite simple…….get my leathers on and go for a ride on my beautiful motorcycle. The point here being that you have to find the one thing that engrosses you so fully you can’t think about anything else. Put’s you on a completely different planet for a few hours. It’s not permanent, like any drug it has a habit of wearing off and adrenalin is no different. But if it’s golf or horse riding or parachuting…….you have to find it and use it when things get difficult……for me I use it all the time…..well, as often as I can……I must be hooked……bugger. I don’t want cold turkey and weaning off it though.

    Good luck with everything

    An Architect triker

    1. Hi there, Steve.
      Yes this kind of pain is a bummer. We do our best to cope with it.
      My website crashed a short time ago and I lost all my subscriber contacts. If you would like to get an email when I put up new posts please fill in the subscribe box.
      I have two new books coming out this year so I’ll be posting about them soon.
      Best wishes,

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