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Taking rejection on the chin

I used to get upset. Rejections used to make me feel depressed. I’d get into such a state that I couldn’t think about anything other than how I was no bloody good at writing cover letters, no bloody good at writing a synopsis, no bloody good at writing the narrative in the first place. In fact, I might as well admit it; I was no bloody good for anything. I might as well take a long walk on a short pier.

And then, I’d read other people’s blogs and websites.

NEVER GIVE UP, they’d shout at me. KEEP AT IT. After all, you’ve got to be in it to win it, girl. You have to persevere. Don’t lose heart.

But each rejection was a little death and my heart was fading. And that’s when I got angry. Not with the people who were rejecting my work. With myself. Who did I think I was? The best thing since Margaret Atwood? Get your finger out your eye, I told myself. Use your brains. WHY are they rejecting this particular short story or sample chapters? Hang on a minute . . .

hanging on

hang in there

You’ve got to hang on, haven’t you, in a situation like the guy on the left? Or else, what? The end of everything.

No way.

I have things to say. I want to say them MY way. I have to find the people who want to read the things I say my way.

Many years ago, I rented my own space at a country craft outlet. You know the sort of place, with converted barns and stables occupied by artists and potters and handicrafters of all kinds. I sold my paintings. I sold prints of my paintings. I made greeting cards out of reproductions of my work and sold them too. Sometimes, I’d be surprised by what actually sold. Ideas I thought hadn’t worked so well might turn out to be popular. I did a series of military and naval uniforms through the ages, ran a load off on an inkjet, put them in inexpensive frames, took them to a maritime festival and sold the lot.

You have to find a matching outlet for your product. Rejections mean you haven’t found the right match yet.

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Or Gong Hei Fard Choy. The house is almost thoroughly cleaned. It’s going to be a busy day today. The kitchen gods will be appeased, I hope, by my efforts with the sizzling beef and ginger. I’ve put my red top ready to wear tomorrow so the monster doesn’t come down from the mountain to eat me. There will be no mention of that number, the one that comes after three and before five and we will not talk about negative things nor buy new shoes. Tomorrow we will eat without knives and using scissors will be banned.


sign of the Rat

I’m a Rat. An Earth Rat, to be exact.

In western astrology I’m a sea goat – the true meaning of Capricorn, Oh, 2013, bring on the Good Luck!


Capricorn – the sea goat