A Place in the Sun?

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Red Nose or home-grown tomato?

Move over Stella. (McCartney) Here’s Celia’s design for a Red Nose.

Red Nose Day is coming up again. Here’s a picture of a perfect home-grown tomato. I know it’s home-grown because I grew it myself. I loved it and cared for all its siblings and they all tasted very nice, thank-you-very-much with basil and olive oil and a few crushed pine nuts, maybe a bit of Parmesan cheese. Ah, eating lunch outdoors.

It feels like a long time since it was warm enough to do that. It’s probably the coldest day of the year here today. We have proper, real, honest to goodness, on-your-face red noses.  It snowed in the hills yesterday. They don’t tell you that can happen on A Place in the Sun. They don’t tell you how much it’s going to cost you to heat your place in the sun through the winter months.

Holidaymakers haven’t a clue what happens here from November through till March. They arrive in June, July, August and September and are disappointed if they see a cloud.

Ah, well. It’s a perfect afternoon for watching the Six Nations Rugby.

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