Wednesday Languedoc Vine Watch Report June 19th

Languedoc vines at dawn

early dawn in the vineyards

Just a short vine report this week. We have visitors from England, one of whom arrived last Saturday unwell. Making doctor’s appointments on the phone taxes my French, especially when they reply in rapid fire. I’m still working out the last few words while they’re rushing through the next three sentences.

French healthcare is among the best in Europe, in my opinion, and here in this part of southern France, we have access to some of the most up-to-date technology in healthcare. Montpellier is at the cutting edge of medical research, its teaching hospitals and research laboratories among the finest in the world. I’m sure my friend will soon feel much better.

What’s happening in the vines this week.

The growers are still spraying some varieties, notably the Syrah (Shiraz). The whites, and in particular, the Chardonnay are set now. We want them to grow fat and fill up with lusciousness.

Merlot vines

Merlot growing well

Chardonnay vines

lusty Chardonnay vines

We’ve had high humidity (75-80 %) for the last few days and again, this isn’t what we’ve come to expect at this time of year. Growers will be vigilant in their fight against powdery mildew, especially with regard to young plants in new vineyards whose leaves are more susceptible.

In our garden, we have our own plants to tend.

tomato vine

cocktail tomatoes on their vine

These cocktail tomatoes always do well here. We don’t have to restrict their height. They just keep on growing and producing.


courgettes in flower

Courgettes also do well. These are the round variety with fruits the shape of miniature pumpkins. The flowers are a vivid yellow, a colour said to be most attractive to many garden insects.


Himself and I love chillies. We always grow our own. Here’s some of this year’s crop .

Still bright green, these chillies will begin to look black before they take on their hot red coats. You need a strong red to drink with spicy food. Lucky for us, we know just where to find a selection of those!

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chilli peppers
chilli peppers

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