The Wednesday Vine Report

Himself and I like to keep an eye on what’s happening in the vines. In an earlier post, I posted a photo of next year’s grapes under inches of snow in January, an unusual event here in Languedoc.

We’re surrounded by vineyards. This is a working village. There are twenty growers supplying the co-operative and three self-sufficient Domaines. Needless to say, ALL the produce is first rate. We know. We try them all. Every year. Without fail.


vines surround the village

It’s warming up nicely now. There’s real strength in the sun. We’ve had plenty of rain, too, so everything in the garden is growing fast. Himself and I always watch for that first glimmer of green in the vines. It hasn’t happened yet. It will soon.


waiting for the first sign of life

It happens before your eyes. One minute there’s nothing to see; the vine looks almost dead. It’s just bare wood, all gnarled and knobbly. Blink, and the thing’s spreading along the wires.

I don’t actually know what variety this particular vineyard grows. I will make it my business to find out. This is the vine we have chosen to watch carefully and report upon its progress. It’s third vine in from the end of the first row opposite the first cypress tree after the cemetery gates. Yes, really! (I do enjoy a complex narrative arc)

For wine lovers like himself and I, progress of the vines is vital information. They don’t call it vit – iculture for nothing. We may even give this vine a name. Suggestions are welcome. Please click the Twitter button at the bottom of the page to re-tweet this post.

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