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Spring just around the corner? Writers are vulnerable to cold blasts

Spring arrives early here. That is to say, it lets you think it’s arriving early. But, it’s tricksy. Oh, yes. It’s tricksy.

spring flowering bulbs

can spring be very far away?

It likes to see buds forming on the irises, and then, just when they’re getting ready to open up, SURPRISE, here comes a late blast of icy cold mountain air. The poor things shrivel and hang their heads.

Writers are like those irises, vulnerable to cold blasts of discouragement and thinly-veiled put downs. Self-doubt, unlike spring, is never very far away.

Wrap up warm. Keep on your comfy, confidence cardie. Smile. Doubt hates smilers; he doesn’t know what to do with them and usually takes his leave. Take a break from your usual routine. Do something physical. Physical activity guards against writers’ arse and I do believe there’s a lot to be said for the old chestnut – blowing away the cobwebs.

Take a good look at the people you mix with. How do they make you feel? Do they drain you, or do they make you feel uplifted?


you have to be brave