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Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. What it means to me.

Prompted by WordPress’s own Daily Prompt, I get to thinking about what the change of seasons means for me.

What I won’t be doing this autumn season

I won’t be sitting down to write a poem about it. Keats did it better than I could.

Regular readers will know it means I won’t need to tramp through the vineyards much more taking photos for the Wednesday Vine Report. The harvest is almost finished – much later this year than I can remember. Mademoiselle Merlot has gone to the cooperative along with all her cousins and we will meet again soon in a bottle of the lovely red stuff. The Wednesday slot will be taken up with visits to different Domaines and some very serious wine tasting. What a treat! I can’t wait.

season's Merlot

good health to you!

I won’t be wearing what I’m wearing today for much longer. Here in the south of France afternoons are still pleasantly warm, but the wind changed today and there is now a definite chill at night and in the early morning. Flip flops and thin cotton shirts won’t be enough.

I won’t let myself rush into winter, though. One of the things I enjoy about living in France is they don’t hurry you straight into preparation for Christmas. They celebrate autumn here with seasonal displays in shop windows featuring mushrooms and chestnuts. In the hairdresser’s there might be a few fairies and elves, too, sitting on tree branches – maybe a gnome and toadstools.  Colour charts will tempt you to come inside and have your hair turned to burnished copper or bronze to match the season.

The French make chestnut everything from soups and pâtés to delicious sweets and desserts.


season chestnuts

chestnut season


much sought after

Chanterelles grow wild in the hills. They hide in leaf litter under chestnut trees. They are highly prized and wickedly expensive. Nobody will tell you exactly where you can find them and who can blame them. Fried lightly in butter, they are sinfully delish!

What I will be doing this season

Drinking more red wine. This is a certainty. There are so many more Domaines to discover and somebody has to do it.

I will bring down my winter woollens from the loft and take up summer clothes and beachwear to hibernate till spring.

I might just pop into the coiffeuse and have those auburn streaks put in my hair.

And I will be writing, writing, writing. I still haven’t decided which novel to polish first for publishing on Amazon. One day I lean toward the family saga, the next I want to do something darker. How about I work on all three?

Well, you know I love variety in my life!

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