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Lady Penelope Strongbow’s hand. A day in the life of . . .

Poor Lady Penelope Strongbow. The twitches continue. Great shuddering nervous tics at the most inopportune moments, like when there are slippery peas on her fork or a mussel is half hanging out its shell. Worse, when the glass of Merlot is full. Correction: was full. You get my drift.

Full days at the CRPS clinic continue.

It’s coming up two months now – everyday, all day. Before that, I had February and March at the physiotherapist every day for two hours. Ouch. Four whole months now of therapies coming out my ears and my hand still looks like Lady Penelope’s. Double ouch!!

But I’m riding in style. My chauffeurs come to collect me each morning.

Ambulance for Lady Penelope

your carriage awaits, m’lady!

We rattle along in fine style to the clinic.

First therapy of the day is what they call Bains Écossés, but I don’t think the Scots ever had any say in that. Anyway, hot and cold treatments. Very hot and Very cold.

Lady Penelope hand baths

fill one with hot, one with cold

New thinking says don’t ever use ice for CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), so it’s difficult to know who to believe.

Next is Physio.

Lady Penelope treatment room

50 Shades of ouch!

After all that bending and stretching, it’s time for the pool.

Lady Penelope pool

33 degrees . . . heaven.

After my hour in the pool it’s time for the next therapy which is a bit like Occupational Therapy in UK where focus is on small motor movements.

Needless to say, I drop things all the time, due to the fact that I have no grip and I can neither close my fist nor stretch my hand out flat.

There is a rest room at the clinic. But not for me. My days are full on. I squeeze another five minutes on the pulley wherever I can.

no rest for Lady Penelope

no time to rest!

Then it’s off to the Robot chairs.

Les Robot-Chaises is what I christened them and the name has amused some. Not all, but some.


CRPS Robot Chair

you stick your arm in it.

Like this.

Robot chair

upwards and outwards . .

And after all this, it’s lunchtime. I’m hungry and thirsty by now. My breakfast yoghurt feels like a lifetime ago. So, the welcome sight of the lunch table is something of a highlight in my day.

Lady Penelope lunch

we’re even allowed wine!

Then it’s back on the CRPS treadmill to repeat all the morning’s treatments and exercises. Is there any wonder all I want to do when I get home is fall asleep?