Social networking. Everywhere and nowhere baby?

social networking by Jeff Beck

everywhere and nowhere baby?


In the days before Social Networking, this is how we used to listen to music. It was another life. We behaved like a different species from kids today. We invited friends round to listen to music. Generally, kids walked to one another’s houses in those days. We actually got out there on our own two feet and put bodily effort into social networking.

You might get a bag of chips from the corner shop and Mrs Wilkinson might offer you some bread and butter to make a chip buttie. Yes, really. It’s not SO long since. That’s what social networking amounted to when I was growing up.

Who could have foreseen the changes that have come about in less than half the time it takes to turn into a grandma? Now kids are in contact with each other all the time, without ever having to touch each other.

Lyrics to Hi Ho Silver Lining :
You’re everywhere and nowhere, baby
That’s where you’re at
Going down a bumpy hillside
In your hippy hat

Flying across the country
And getting fat
Saying everything is groovy
When your tyres are flat . . . .

Yep, Jeff Beck. That about sums it up. You have to be everywhere today. Kids have to be connected by all and every electronic means. There’s a new word apparently in the dictionary: nomophobia. It means fear of not being connected, not having a mobile phone.

You have to have presence. And it’s not just the kids. You have to be on this network and that one, not forgetting the ones over there. You must post regularly so people will become aware of you and you must always have interesting things to say, until you are a celebrity and then it doesn’t much matter what you say as people will hang on to every word of it anyway.

Darlings, you can spend all your time keeping up with all this social networking malarkey and NEVER do any bloody writing.

Isn’t a silver lining supposed to be a good thing?

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