Languedoc Vine Report #27 October 9th

Languedoc Harvest Continues

After a rainstorm last Saturday night we have been having an Indian summer. I’m using the term in its English form, meaning a late period of warm weather. In the USA, an Indian summer comes after a period of frost, apparently. We’ve had no frost, but warm temperatures are continuing at least for the time being.

The harvest continues. Master of Wine Juliet Bruce Jones played her cards well. You remember last week she was watching the forecasts. She decided to wait. The rain came. It was heavy, but the air stayed warm and after the rain passed, the sun came out again as warm as ever. She harvests her Domaine Lou Cayla grapes on Thursday this week.

Remember Mademoiselle Merlot?

Languedoc harvest

all that’s left

Harvesting machines came through this vineyard just two days after my last report. I had to be there. When you’ve been visiting a bunch of grapes since its conception and birth and you’ve watched it grow and mature, you become a bit protective. I wanted to say goodbye. How sad is that?

Here’s a year in the life of one bunch of grapes.


And now she’s gone. With all her sisters. We’ll meet again in a bottle of one of my favourite wines.


our village Merlot

And when the cold weather comes, we’ll warm her up by the log fire and maybe add a few mulling spices. Oh, my. I’ll look forward to that!


Join me next week for more news from the Languedoc vineyards.



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