Languedoc Vine Report #20. August 14th

Here’s how good our Languedoc Merlot is looking this morning.

Compare the photograph of our Languedoc vine with last week. Yes, just one week between photos.

Merlot vine

August 14th turning colour

Languedoc Merlot

last week








One week of glorious Languedoc sunshine has brought about these welcome changes.

Humidity has been low; the sky purest cobalt. Temperatures have remained steady in the mid thirties with pleasant breezes. Paradise.

At dawn, I heard machinery and set off to see what was happening. The light was amazing – an artist’s dream.

Chardonnay vine

golden Chardonnay

The landscape was golden as syrup.

Dawn vines

Golden dawn light in the vines

The vineyards all looked as if they’d had melted butter poured all over them. My mouth was watering.

As I walked further into the vineyards, the sounds of machinery grew louder. What were they doing out at this time in the morning?

vine trimmer

tidying up the vines

Cutting back the extraneous growth helps keep the rows tidy and cuts down on the possibility of disease attack. First, they trim vertically, along the sides of the rows of vines.

vine trimmer

cutting blades set at vertical

The tractors and attachments are slim enough to travel between the rows. With the blades set in the vertical position, they trim each side of the rows of vines.

Languedoc vine trimming

trimming off unwanted growth

They move the cutting blades into horizontal position and trim the tops of the vines.

vine cutting

trimming the tops

The finished rows are neat and tidy. KInd of like good Languedoc housekeeping.

neat vines

typical rows of Languedoc vines

They look as inviting as a freshly made bed.

vine row close up

as neat as a freshly made up bed

As harvest time approaches, the growers will be testing and sampling sugar content in the grapes. Here’s a video explaining about sugar testing.

This video is from AlBeth vineyards in New York State. You can find them on Facebook. They haven’t posted anything on YouTube or Facebook for a long time. I hope that’s because they’ve been too busy.

Here in Languedoc, we’re expecting a late vendange (harvest).

immature vine

soaking up the sun

And, at this point, I’m taking a short break – a trip to the UK to visit family.

There won’t be a Languedoc Vine Report next week. But, I’ll be back in time to watch the harvest and afterwards take you to our local cooperative to show you what happens to the grapes when they arrive!

Cheerio for now.

vines at dawn

dawn sun in the vines

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