The Last Red Day cutting costs at suppertime

In a previous post I talked about Red Days here in France and how much they cost us. Extortionate amounts of money. Last night, we celebrated the last Red Day of the winter. Here’s what we cooked on the one gas ring of a Camping Gaz stove.


mussels in cream sauce

Those mussels were big as a dog’s doodahs. Not that I’ve ever eaten a dog’s whatsits, but, you know, just to give you an idea of the size of the things. I cooked them in shallots and white wine, garlic, cream and finely chopped rosemary, thyme,oregano and basil. There was plenty of bread to mop up afterwards.

single gas ring

cutting costs

I sent out a call on my Facebook page for ideas for Red Day Recipes. I’m looking for one-pot, cheapskate dinners, cooked in a jiffy on a little ring like this:

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