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The Sandman and Mrs Carter, my third novel. Message me when you identify the mystery narrator!

On Kindle from August 12th

Available on Kindle first from August 12th, The Sandman and Mrs Carter promises to mess with your mind.

Sandman domestic drama, psychological mystery

third novel by Celia Micklefield

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The Sandman and Mrs Carter

is a psychological domestic drama with more than a touch of mystery.

Five named characters tell Wendy Carter’s story through their viewpoints. But who is the mystery narrator who seems to know everything about everybody?

The mystery voice gives the reader clues and says, “You can never be inside someone else’s head. If you could wouldn’t that mean you’d have to be out of your own and where would that leave you?”

Isn’t that a question and a half?

Stories with layers

I love reading stories with layers. I enjoy the discovery of characters’ foibles. A satisfying read pleases me when it gets me thinking I have it all worked out just before the author throws in another twist and sets me off down a different path. Mostly, I love to be intrigued.

So I suppose it’s no surprise that this is the kind of novel I enjoy writing.

Creative narrative schemes.

I like to be a little different with my narratives. For years we’ve heard all good stories must have a beginning, a middle and an end. While we can’t argue with time itself which never goes backwards we can get creative with the way we present it in novels. Okay, we must have a beginning, middle and end but in books they don’t have to come in that order, do they? Life’s journey isn’t a straight line: there are sidetracks and dark alleys; mountains to climb and oceans to navigate; flights of fancy and tunnels of gloom. As an author I can plan where the sidetracks appear. I can conjure up an unexpected setback or happy accident.

Suffice it to say I love intrigue. In The Sandman and Mrs Carter there’s plenty of it.

‘Hooked’ of Lincoln messaged me on FB to say she intended to read a chapter before turning out the light but went on to chapter ten!

Oooh, she described herself as ‘hooked’. I like that.

Who is the mystery narrator?

Really? Is it? Come on, you don’t expect me to tell you.

All I will say is, you guessed it, you have to read the book! I promise you you’ll think you know and then you’ll think you know again.

So if you enjoy a book that keeps you guessing you’re going to love The Sandman and Mrs Carter.

Send me a message when you think you’ve worked it out but don’t tell your friends. You wouldn’t want to spoil it for them now would you?

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Happy reading!

The Sandman and Mrs Carter is available on all Amazon platforms in Europe, USA, India etc. The paperback version is available very soon.