Celia Micklefield’s Trobairitz drives a truck like this

I love trucks. Especially ones like this. I hang out the car window to take pictures of them. I hang around truckers’ websites like a sniper, hitting on forums and stealing their conversations. I watch all the trucker TV programmes.

It’s no surprise then, that my novel Trobairitz features a mothertrucker as its main character. Trobairitz were female troubadours in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. My twenty-first century lady troubadour tells stories at an overnight truck stop.

She doesn’t know she has it within herself to put back into her life the things she needs. She doesn’t even know she needs them yet.


my dream ride

She loves driving.

She loves her truck.



She has another love.   Her car. V12 engine. Magic!


powder blue – champagne leather seats

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