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Following the Micklefield Route

I emailed somebody in the education department, but never had a reply. This morning, I’ve emailed a contact at a media group with my question about the Micklefield route and the use of the Micklefield name in the Cape Town area.

There are also many references to the name Cecilia. There MUST have been a Cecilia Micklefield in Cape Town’s history. It’s fascinating. I’m looking forward to discovering more.


More Micklefield connections?

The Micklefield Route

Who’d have thought it? We have a road named after us. Most people know it as the Garden Route. It runs along Sandown Bay in South Africa’s Cape region.  Here’s proof.micklefieldroute Naturally, I’m fascinated by this. Naturally, I want to find out more. I’ve emailed a local school. Get this – the Micklefield School. Jeez, the synapses are firing now. Guess where I want to go?