Introducing Mick

Mick Alec Idlelife is the alter ego of writer, Celia Micklefield. He sees things in a different way. Fans of Celia’s stories might be surprised if not a little shocked by him. Where Celia sees starbursts and glorious Roman candles, Mick notices damp squibs.

He’s planning to publish an e-book. He’s not sure about the title yet, but there’ll be two novellas and some supporting short stories. One of the novellas features feral cats and . . . .

feral cats

A feral cat family


In the novella Saints and Hermits, Donald develops a relationship with a cat like this



. . . deadbolts. An unusual combination, you might think. Mick doesn’t think so.

In the second novella, Ted gets a surprise for his birthday from his wife who makes . . . . . . .

teddy bears

Ted’s 60th birthday isn’t quite what he expected

teddy bears. Mick has a penchant for dark humour. He likes to think Alan Bennet would approve of his ideas.

One of his short stories rated highly on Youwriteon, the writers’ website.

Picture 6 is the website where writers can upload samples of their work for review by other writers. Reviewing other people’s work is a good way to improve your own skills, but Mick was more than delighted that he’d matched Celia’s performance.


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  1. What do a street in South Africa, a rat and a bottle of Shiraz have in common?
    Wow. Have spent the last half hour wandering around your website and I see I’ve only scratched the surface. I can see a lot of work and creativity goes into it. It’s actually a living creature….Help!

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