Fleursdemontblanc is the user id I use for writing on the website YouWriteOn.

I was so green when I began in 2009, I thought having a fictitious id was compulsory. I made up the first thing that came into my head. Fleurs de Montblanc is a favourite wine made here where I live. Mmmmm!

DSCF4132So, fleursdemontblanc began uploading short stories and opening chapters of novels. In order to receive peer reviews of your work, you review the writing of other members. The monthly prize for the best rated writing is a professional critique from Random House/Orion/Bloomsbury or Pan Macmillan. I recommend this website to all aspiring writers. Reviewing others’ work is an excellent method of improving your own.

Fleursdemontblanc has had some excellent ratings and feedback from the professional editors.

Picture 3

a short story about annoying habits


Picture 2

now a chapter in TROBAIRITZ

The Meter Man achieved number one position as a short story. I’m investigating the possibilities of developing the themes of this story and developing it into a much longer piece.

Clair de Lune achieved position number two as a short story. This now forms a chapter in my novel TROBAIRITZ, more of which here. My Turn to Speak currently features as my short story of the month. Two titles that made the Top Ten in the same month were THE SANDMAN AND MRS CARTER – the opening chapters of a psychological mystery novel and Not Rodgers and Hammerstein – an unusual short story romance.

Picture 4

current short story of the month

Picture 8



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