Two Days of snow! A south of France winter.

Next year's Merlot under a blanket of snow

Next year’s Merlot under a blanket of snow


We don’t often get snow here. This week we had plenty. It doesn’t last, though. As soon as the sky clears, the sun comes out and melts it all.

In the distance, the Montagnes Noir overlook the village, another source of inspiration for me. One in particular features in my story The End of the World PartyView towards the church

View towards the church

It’s a bit like driving!

I don’t need to know how a car engine works, ergo, I don’t need to know how a computer works or, necessarily how to use Codex (see how I’m getting au fait with the language).
I’m content to click buttons and drag and drop and all that easy stuff. The more user friendly all this malarkey is, the more time I have to write, which is how I enjoy spending my time.
But, I have to say, I’m quite enjoying playing withMoody sunrise WordPress so far.

No reason for the moody sunrise picture. It’s just here because I can. Easy-Peasy.

Still working out how to use this thing

I like learning new things. Really I do. Honest. But writing 5,000 words is easier than getting my head round this lot! See, the thing is – I don’t understand the language. It’s no use hitting the Help button as I don’t understand the answer. They’re using foreign words. It might as well be Greek, or Double-Dutch. Give me my own language to play with and I’ll write you an outline for a story -clicks fingers- just like that.

I shall persevere.

New Year’s resolution already under way

I’ve known I needed a website of my own for some time. Advice from other writers is always the same: get yourself a website. So, first I made the resolution and second, followed through! There’s still a lot to learn but, hey, this is not too bad for a grandma.


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